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All of the Korra, Oh Jesus

Posting my review after lunch…and therapy.


Legend of Korra OP 2 - "Haruka Kanata" by Unlimits

At last, it’s complete! lotusinthefire, this is the reason for all the smiley faces. Behold my Book 2 fanmade anime opening, as inspired by this one for Book 1. I chose to do mine in an English-subbed OP style because I wanted to be able to emphasize the song lyrics and also because that’s what I’m used to seeing. :P Shoutout to my friends birabu, pulpofiction, fireferretfuzzies, and humanraava for all their help!

This project has been sitting on my laptop for a long time, but I was recently motivated to finish it in honor of my latest tumblr milestone. Thanks so much for 2k+ followers! I’m so honored to be able to partake in this fandom with all of you. 

And in that moment, we were all Bolin.


"I… I can airbend? I can airbend!"



we’ll be together for all of your lifetimes.

Just thought of this now, but what if the Avatar cycle follows reincarnations, does that mean the rest of the people in the Avatar world follow suit? Meaning, if that’s the case, the newly discovered airbenders after Harmonic Convergence must be reincarnations of the deceased air nation.