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name: Brianne

nickname: Senpai, Bri (does bobfox count)

birthday: March 8

sexuality: I am straight I guess 

height: 5’8

timezone: Mountain technically. but our state doesn’t do daylight savings so we’re never on the same time as everyone in this time zone. Arizona ftw

what time and date is it here: September 1st, 9:45pm

average hours of sleep I get at night: usually shoot for 6+ 

the last thing I googled was: rune factory 4 season headdress

my most used phrase: yehaw (thanks Brianna)

first word that comes to mind: pudding 

what I last said to a family member: ”okay, I’ll try to remember”

one place that makes me happy and why: My room because my bed is in there. It’ pretty comfy 

how many blankets I sleep under: one fluffy blanket 

favorite beverages: MILK without a moments hesitation

the last movie I watched in the cinema: gotg

three things I can’t live without: milk, money, friends/ disciples 

something I plan on learning: the many cultures of the world

a piece of advice for all my followers: get off tumblr and spend your time doing something more worth while like watching anime

you all have to listen to this song: theres a lot and idk what you are into or if you are even reading this, but it you are…. if you are more of a normal kid then you need to check out Caravan Palace- Clash or Dramophone (or just all of their song omg), if you are more of a weeb then Do-Re-Mi-Fa MIX (it’s a vocaloid song sung by Miku and composed by Enoyakku)

and there you have it. 

I was tagged by etaribi to do the music tag! Put your iPod on shuffle and tell us the first 10 songs that come up! NO SKIPPING! 

note: I have an ipod, but I haven’t put any songs on it or listened to it for years. I got it like 7 years ago… so to be more accurate I took all the playlists I use on youtube that I listen to all the time and randomized that. 

[Teto] Chaining Intention [UTAU].wmv 


Gumi - Heartbreak Headlines (ハートブレイク・ヘッドライン) 

Perfume -「セラミックガール」(Ceramic Girl) English and Romaji Lyrics 

DECO*27 - Winter Cleaning feat. Hatsune Miku / 大掃除 feat.初音ミク 

[Gumi & Rin] Chemical Emotion ケミカルエモーション 

『アウターサイエンス』 歌ってみた 

[RS] Attack Of The Otaku

Touhou × Phoenix Wright③Destiny【東方逆転裁判】

『Kanseru/KanzentaiCell』Gears of Love

There you have it. I’ll tag a few people this time I guess 

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"This is an anime about normal everyday life!"

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